25 Distinctions between Ego and Unique Self

Tree In Blossom by dan, www.freedigitalphotos.netI am very happy to be working on a wonderful series about the 25 distinctions on Ego and Unique Self for the website of Center for World Spirituality together with my colleague and Dr. Marc Gafni. Using the original distinctions from his book Your Unique Self we are adding further discussion to it. Every week there are two new distinctions on the site (Wednesday and Friday), and for some reason they are getting longer each week.

Here are the articles (now completed):

  1. Special or Not Special
  2. Action or Reaction 
  3. Imitation or Originality
  4. Satisfaction and Greed
  5. Enough or More
  6. Ego or Unique Self Story
  7. Joy or Fear
  8. Open Heart or Closed Heart
  9. Eros or Grasping
  10. Authentic Freedom or Pseudofreedom
  11. King or Servant
  12. Victim or Player
  13. Betrayal or Loyalty
  14. Authentic Friendship or Pseudofriendship
  15. Bigger or Smaller
  16. Yes or No
  17. Justice or Injustice
  18. Responsibility or Excuse
  19. Paradox or Splitting
  20. Past or Present
  21. Special Relationship or Open as Love
  22. Love or Fear
  23. Eternity or Death
  24. Pleasure: Delusion or Divine
  25. Ego Story or Unique Self Story Reloaded

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